Friday, October 30, 2009

56: SID Lope

Note the rack made by crutch...

Per Jax:

I've made a few upgrades to the Lope since it's now my daily commuter. Also added a sound system made from the guts of a Pyramat Sound Rocker gaming chair!

Speakers are mounted inside of old bullet lights, but the subwoofer needed a custom enclosure. Also added green neon underglow above the rear tire.

Photo courtesy Jackson Patterson.

55: Boxbike Galleon

Per Joe Doebele:

The Galleon boxbike features a lap-sided wooden cabin handmade by a local boat builder, with walnut fenders also made here.

Photos courtesy Jonathan Maus of

54: John's Bilenky

Here's my Bilenky cargo bike in two guises... shopper and sound system. Modules are easily interchangeable. I usually keep the upside-down rails on for crowded Critical Mass rides...

Both boxes built by Paul McKenzie at Rock the Bike in Berkeley.

Photo courtesy John Rogers.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

53: Joe Bike with electric motor

That is one burly kickstand!!

Per Joe Doebele:

The bike with Ecospeed e-assist features a new, aluminum/fabric cabin with a hammock-y bench seat and a nice rain canopy that keeps your hands (as well as your kids) warm and dry. Handmade in Portland.

Photo courtesy Bart King. Bike designed by Joe Bike.

Another couple of great photos of this rig from Jonathan Maus of

52: Joe Bike for the Wee Folk

Very cool design. It appears to carry 2 monkeys easily and maybe even 3. And they are right up front where you can see them.

Photos are from Oct. 25th at the Oregon Manifest "Family Cycling Day", Portland, Oregon.

Per Joe Doebele:

The green Joe Bike was by far the biggest hit with the crowd. The kids+cargo attachment, designed and handbuilt in Portland, attaches to the frame via a quick-release clamping system made specifically for our frames. So you can very quickly remove this attachment and swap it out for big cargo racks or a box.

Above photo courtesy Bart King.

Some photos of this rig in action below, courtesy Jonathan Maus of

51: Matt Card's Bilenky Chuckwagon

Photo courtesy Many more great pictures of this sweet sweet ride on their Flickr stream here.

Another great shot of this rig...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

50: John's CETMA

Photo courtesy John Lesar.

49: Dominic's CETMA Cargo Bike


This bike hails from Long Beach, CA.
It was born just yesterday and has already delivered 60lbs of clothes to the local shelter.

Photo courtesy Dominic Dougherty

Monday, October 19, 2009

48: Anon SF Orange Cargo Trike

I don't know who owns it, but it's always parked in front of The Corner Bar at Mission/18th in SF's Mission District.

I've never seen anyone riding it around... yet!!!

Photo courtesy Velo Vogue.

47: Yet another CETMA cargo bike

Who needs a truck??

Photo courtesy Cetma Cargo.

On Flickr here.

46: CETMA Protobike

If you haven't heard of CETMA, go check them out. This is what they are about:

CETMA cargo is run solely by one guy in a simple shop without automation,
mechanized assembly, robots, lasers, sorcery, superpowers or psychic beavers.

Philosophy: FUN

Some unique notes about his frames:

1. It has frame breaks to allow for UPS shipping.

2. It's a mixte. Haulin stuff is heavy work and sometimes even the manliest man will need to get his leg over the cross bar, and quick. Darn tootin.

3. The cargo platform is integrated to the frame (it IS the frame) which allows for "plug and play" add-ons. You can see many of these on his site.

Photos courtesy Cetma Cargo.

On Flickr here.

45: CETMA 09 Cargo

Photo courtesy Cetma Cargo.

More pix on Flickr here.

Check the tire hauling video here.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

44: Polerider

Hi! We are team PoleRiders and the trike is called PoleRider. The dancer is Marlo. For more information we are at

Thanks! Andrew

Friday, October 16, 2009

43: Heidi's Cargo Recumbent


Photo courtesy Heidi Mo.

42: Freight-Oh-Eight

101_4751, originally uploaded by jrydevisuals.

Some background on this bike...

The "Freight-Oh-Eight" (so called due to the penal code 808 for a domestic disturbance caused by excessive amounts of bass)

See the build process on Flickr here.

41: Smallhaul

This is a very unique design featuring cable steering.

Photo courtesy J. Muir from Santa Cruz, framebuilder extraordinaire of Frances Cycles. (via Brad Quartuccio of

Thursday, October 15, 2009

40: Portland Pedal Power Mundo

Photo courtesy of Portland Pedal Power, who describe themselves as follows:

In our thirst for the perfect job- six people from different backgrounds have come together to form Portland Pedal Power a member-managed company based on consensus decision making.

This professional, licensed and insured bicycle delivery service will help you move towards a more sustainable business model and increase your sales.

Great writeup here if you want to learn more about their story.

39: Mercurio Hutbike

Check out the Mercurio my group BICAS raffled off at our fundraiser, pic attached. Also at

Photo courtesy Erik B. Ryberg aka Tucson Bike Lawyer.

38 (more): Chaise Cruizer

Hello the photos are attached are of the Chaisecruzer or Bikeashaw at least until some gives me a better name for it.

It is an xtracycle /bakfiets missing link.

It is a single speed with tubeless 36" tires
wide custom hubs
3 disk brakes
14.5' feet long
3' wide

weight still unknown

Wheels courtesy of my Mt bike

This is the family's 3 rd xtracycle-ish bike and our fist bakfiets
It was built by us for the 2009 Burning Man for our transport and as a test platform.

Hope you all enjoy it.



Hello John

I have been out in the shop tonight building the second rear hub for the 36" bikes.
It is going faster the second time as one wold hope.

There are some build photos.

Coker made the first wheels/tires in the 36" size.

My 36" Bikes use unicycle parts for rims and spokes.

When I built the 36" Mt bike there was one Al. rim and one steel as well a 2 tires on the market. Now there is 2 or 3 rims Al.on the market and 5 tires to the best of my knowledge.
The unicycle market is driving the products at this time. There are 13 or so 36" custom Mt bikes that I have seen photos of now.

The 3rd disk is on the front wheel , and the steering is done with 6 pulleys and one 5/16 cable. The two big pulleys were wheelbarrow rims cut down to just the center. The 4 small pulleys are for garage door cables.

If you look carefully I think all of those parts are in this photo.
I think that answers the questions you had. feel free to edit ask questions as you see fit. I did note that you did reduce / edit my dingle speed to a single speed. It however is a dingle, a bike with 4 sprockets that allows a change from a lower gear to a higher gear with out having much of a different chain length.

Tired now must sleep

B Keener

38: HUGE Bakfiets

Photo courtesy Erik B. Ryberg aka Tucson Bike Lawyer.

A quick commercial promotion... you never know when you might need a good bike lawyer.

I am an attorney who represents bicyclists who have been injured in accidents, cited with traffic infractions or criminal charges, or assaulted by motorists. Contact me at (520) 622-3333 or at My physical address is 312 South Convent Avenue Tucson, AZ 85701. Consultations are always free. Please do not hesitate to contact me. --Erik Ryberg

37: Back-Up SVC Yellow Box Bike

Back-Up SVC Yellow Box. This bike belonged to a messenger named nathan, who i think was the original owner... builder I'm told was localish, and passed away. dont know much about this bike, the big box makes it impossible to see front wheel so a bit hard to get used to. nathan retired and sold it to back up SVC (who he worked with), the local side of an air courier company... most recently James was riding it. its got a rohloff hub and a big heavy box that locks on top so we can move computer equiptment or other valuables if necessary. pics are of james riding the bike. bike is currently out of commission as the side wall of box broke... will be back on the street sometime.

Photos courtesy Danny K.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

36: Bart's Bakfiets

The bike's internal 8-speed hub, drum brakes and chain are all fully encased.

The bike weighs 97 pounds. Add a load to it (the limit is 180-ish lbs in front, 70-ish on the back rack), and with its low center of gravity, the rider feels like an engineer on a train; the momentum can be substantial.

When parking, I often hear, "You left your lights on!" That's because the front and back lights are powered by generator hubs built into the wheels. The back light stores an extra charge and stays lit when you stop pedaling.

Photos courtesy...

Bart King

Many more great pix here.

35: Adam on the Joe Bike

Here's one of a Joe Bike mechanic testing the limits of the box at the Scandinavian Pride Short-Shorts Ride, Pedalpalooza 2009, Portland.

34: Cargo Rodney in front of some random house

Look ma no hands. Or perhaps this is what the Secret Service is telling him.

Photo courtesy Gwadzilla.

33: Cargo Mike

Photos courtesy of the king of bike bloggers Gwadzilla.

32: Adam's Box Bike

With master bike blogger Gwadzilla at the helm. Dog is his co-pilot.

Photo courtesy Gwadzilla.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

31: Gabriel's Long John Silver Coffinfiets

Photos courtesy Gabriel Amadeus. Another great photo on Flickr here.

30: Rodd's True North

Photos courtesy Roddheino. Bike built by Hugh Black at True North Bicycles up yonder in Canada. Check out their box bike here.