Thursday, June 17, 2010

126: Barb's Bullitt

Bullitt cargo bike in the role of the lead float in a bike parade during the Cirque du Cycling in Portland Oregon

Photo courtesy Barb

Monday, June 14, 2010

125: Sean's Xtracycle

My tall bike with an Xtracycle FreeRad kit on it. 7-speeds, v-brakes front and back - so fun!

Photo courtesy Sean Carter

Monday, June 7, 2010

124: Stefan's Mundo

We rode on that Mundo plus Charriot with 4 persons. Two kids in the Charriot, my wife on the back of the Mundo and I was pedaling all of us through town for shopping.

Photo courtesy Stefan

123: Cargo in MN

This bike was shipped to Rochester, MN. My daughter & I spent some time exploring downtown Minneapolis parks and bike paths, before handing the bike over to it's new owner. This photo was taken at the famous Sculpture Gardens & no, the rainbow is not fake.

Photo courtesy Tom

122: Kidfiet's II

This is Kidfiets II - The replacement for the original kidfiets, that some low life stole.

Photo courtesy Tom

121: Bicycles to Humanity Flatbed

This flatbed was for a customer who backed out part way thru the I finished the bike and donated it to BICYCLES TO HUMANITY, a non-profit that shipped it to South Africa.

Photo courtesy tom

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

120: Barb's Bullitt

Taking the hand-me-down TV to the recycling center on our Bullitt cargo bike.

This is just one of several things this bike can do that a car can't do. We love it!

Photo courtesy barb

119: Ian's Big Dummy

The soupBycycle delivery bike in Louisville, KY.

Photo courtesy Ian