Sunday, October 3, 2010

142: Steve 's Cargo Bike

Pedal Truck made by Main Street Pedicabs, Inc. in use at the Univerisity of California, Davis campus.

You can see a video of this work trike in action at:

Photo courtesy Steve

141: Daniel's Cargo Bike

Here are our two boys in a cargo trike that was built by Tom Labonty of in Portland Oregon. He changed an old delta style trike I had into this tadpole version and we love it

Photo courtesy

140: Lane's CETMA

Here's my beautiful wife in a CETMA Cargo bike, on our way to a barbecue.

Photo courtesy Lane

139: Efried's Trike

Here is some leaning trike, wonder what your preferences are with regards to cargo transport?

Please check out that short questionnaire

thanks a lot

Photo courtesy Frieda